Live at Vagabond Butcher Brown

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Label: Gearbox Records

Genre: R&B

Subgenre: Soul

Artist: Butcher Brown

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FLAC 48 $ 13.50
  • 1Tomahawk (Live)07:38
  • 2Cairo (Live)06:06
  • 3Moses (Live)04:30
  • 4Forest 2.0 (Live)06:25
  • 5Lysol (Live)06:28
  • 6Tunnelvision (Live)05:45
  • 7The Healer (Live) (44.1kHz)07:05
  • 8Lysol (Radio Edit)03:48
  • 9Cairo (Radio Edit)03:52
  • Total Runtime51:37

Info for Live at Vagabond

Butcher Brown is something increasingly rare - a real band, playing for their audience and for each other. Dedicated to innovation, informed by a love of the past, their sound is a modernist fusion, fizzing with explosive energy, rich in jazz licks and astonishing with raw musicality.

Gearbox Records is proud to present this, their first ever multi format global release. It’s a hometown gig (Richmond, Virginia) from July of this year. The electrifying energy reminds us how vital a live album should be.

Multi-instrumentalist DJ Harrison (who’s recently released a debut solo album on the mighty Stones Throw label) is broadly seen as the visionary, albeit this is an egalitarian band. Here his keys provide the harmonic colours around which drummer Corey Fonville’s (Christian Scott, Nicholas Payton) muscular delivery and bassist Andrew Randazzo’s effortless cool pulsate. Marcus Tenney on Trumpet and Morgan Burr’s guitar complete the quintet.

The players were all born after the mid-70s, fusion’s golden age, but their modern, hiphop inflected funk has rich echoes of Weather Report, Return To Forever and early Earth Wind and Fire.

This is the sound of a band on the verge of a brilliant future.

DJ Harrison, keyboards
Corey Fonville, drums
Andrew Randazzo, bass
Marcus Tenney, trumpet
Morgan Burrs, guitar

Butcher Brown
Straight out of the underground, a steady rumble is building and it’s called Butcher Brown. Pulsing from the nerve center of Jellowstone Studios in Richmond VA, Butcher Brown takes careful note of the history and legacy of jazz and throws caution to the wind with wanton abandon. Butcher Brown’s ability to blend jazz with funk, rock, rap and soul is like no other. They are authentic to each musical genre and, at the same time, break down the walls of traditional musical borders, creating a unique sound with no restrictions. When all is said and done, they will create their own chapter in musical history. Butcher Brown features Tennishu, Morgan Burrs, Corey Fonville, Andrew Randazzo, and DJ Harrison.

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