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Brett Dennen
Every now and then, you find one of those artists with a smooth voice and amazing lyrics. The voice is distinct, and you can feel the passion spill from the music. This is Brett Dennen – just an average American vocalist with a crazy passion for change and unity in our society. With such hits as “Darlin Don’t Fear”, “Desert Sunrise”, and “Ain’t No Reason” – Dennen’s music is gathering followers from all around the country. But as it grows, it seems his music remains true to its purpose, an ideology for hope for the hopeless and strength for the broken.

Brett Dennen was born and raised in Northern California, and from a young age, nature became a huge part in his life. His career was actually sparked from a freestyle song he composed around a campfire. His thoughts about everything in life from the environment, to love, to human rights is captured perfectly in each of songs. Dennen is part of many humanitarian and society reform missions, and has even created on called “Love Speaks.”

Brett Dennen has composed a few albums, such as Hope for the Hopeless, which is an 11 song album that Dennen describes as “one big song” and “about being consumed with day-to-day struggles, wondering if there’s more out there, and trying to remember that things can get better. It takes being present to a bigger picture.” Getting help from the David Matthews Band and John Mayer to produce it, it quickly rose to fame in the eyes of the music world.

“It is a rare combination when an artist can be as good a singer and guitarist as Brett is, but it is his commitment to the word that makes his songs live and breathe. His music has a playfulness in its bounce while the lyrics ring with a truth beyond his years.” Michael Franti (2008)

As the audience grows, Brett remains the folky, soulful, witty and insightful artist that first captured hearts around that California campfire. Having toured with performers such as John Mayer, the John Butler Trio, Rodrigo y Gabriela and Ben Folds, Dennen has become a headliner in his own right and plans a significant headlining tour in early 2010.

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