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Nickel Creek's talented trio consists of Chris Thile and siblings Sara Watkins and Sean Watkins. The Watkins first met Thile at mandolin lessons, where they shared the same music teacher. Sean, the oldest of the three, was only 12 years old when they first met, and the Watkins and Thile formed an immediate friendship that ultimately grew into an incredibly successful musical career. This Southern California band first performed at a local pizza shop in Carlsbad, California, and went on to play at numerous bluegrass festivals throughout the country. Eventually, all three children became homeschooled to accommodate their busy touring schedule.

With Chris on the mandolin, Sara on the fiddle, and Sean on the guitar, the three talented young performers attracted significant attention from critics and fans alike. Few people had ever seen such young artists perform bluegrass instruments with such finesse and ease as the young members of Nickel Creek. They released two albums early on in their career: Little Cowpoke (1993) and Here to There (1997), but it wasn't until the group met Alison Krauss that their career really took off. The trio met Alison Krauss at one of their shows, and when they invited her to produce one of their albums, she happily accepted. The self-titled album went on to be the band's most critically acclaimed record, even earning them two Grammy nominations: one for Best Bluegrass Album and one for Best Country Instrumental.

In May of 2000, TIME magazine honored Nickel Creek by naming them one of the "Five Music Innovators of the Millennium". Suddenly, Nickel Creek had achieved major mainstream success, eventually earning a Grammy Award for This Side (2002), another album produced by Alison Krauss. Rolling Stone went on to feature the band in their "Best of 2002" magazine edition. For everyone in the music industry, there's no doubt that Nickel Creek has earned their reputation for one of the best bluegrass acoustic groups around. With so much critical acclaim and praise under their belts, this trio has solidified their place in music as a creative and talented force. And they sure do know how to put on an incredible show, too! Make sure that you get to see this phenomenal bluegrass group perform live and grab your tickets to one of their upcoming shows on StubHub today!

Since the start of their career, Nickel Creek has released six studio albums and eight singles. Some of their most popular singles include "When You Come Back Down", "The Lighthouse's Tale", and "This Side". They also collaborated with Dolly Parton on her hit 2001 single, "Shine". Their self-titled debut record peaked at number 13 on the US country and went on to be certified platinum. Nickel Creek has undoubtedly become one of the biggest names in bluegrass, and with their phenomenal repertoire of tracks, their concerts are always fun and dance-inducing. So don't miss out and grab your Nickel Creek concert tickets on StubHub as soon as possible!

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